Heavenly Kernels is a family owned Made In Oklahoma gourmet popcorn business that was established in 2019. Owners Greg & Ashley were inspired to start Heavenly Kernels after the loss of an aunt who owned Lou’s Gourmet popcorn in the OKC/Bethany area.

Greg & Ashley have worked hard to create a product that is sure to please anyone’s taste buds. Whether you like buttery popcorn, fruity candied flavors, caramels, cheddars, chocolates, or something special, Heavenly Kernels gourmet popcorn will make you crave more. Our popcorn is made fresh, with over 100 flavors and combinations to choose from and mouth watering popcorn balls, you’ll definitely get a taste from heaven.

Heavenly Kernels will customize flavors for special events/occasions.

*Birthday Parties

*Corporate Events


*Retirement Parties


*and much more